Our Products

1. Premium Quality Cacao Nibs
2. Nibs Booster Mix – Cacao Nibs & Dried fruit mix
3. Cacao Crunch – A healthy snack in bite-size pieces made from nibs as a core ingredient (It is currently available in Coconut, Peanut and Plain Cacao flavours). We hope to expand the range of flavours to Ginger, Raisin and other nuts, seeds and healthy ingredients.
4. Cacao Dates-Cacao Nibs plus dates with cinnamon. (No added sugar)
5. Cacao-Pourri – A completely new cocoa inspired luxury product made from the husk of the cocoa bean and offering an enticing alternative to Pot-Pourri). The husk once removed from the fermented and roasted bean, exudes the distinctive and deeply rich aroma of chocolate.
6. Cacao Soap made from Cacao Nibs
7. Cacao Body Butter
8. Cacao body scrubs made from Cacao Nibs
9. Strictly Cocoa Gifts/Hampers for festive occasions and celebrations like Christmas, Chocolate(Valentine’s Day),birthdays etc.
10. Eco-tourism which will involve guided tours and visit to farms to see how a Cacao farm looks like and to experience nature in its true form.

The main ingredient in all our products are the cocoa beans which are sourced from the cocoa farms owned by the family of Nana Aduna II.

Other ingredients e.g dried fruits (mango, pineapple, coconut) sourced from local suppliers e.g. HPW Fresh and Dry Limited.

Mi-Cocoa has developed the recipes for its products and out-sources production with rising demand.

Our Cacao cosmetic range is produced in collaboration with Ele Agbe Company Ltd,
We are currently in discussions with Volta Winery to promote the Cocoa wine and develop a joint collaboration to produce an Ohene Cocoa wine.

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