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The main ingredient in all our products are the Cocoa beans which are sourced from the cocoa farms owned by the family of Nana Aduna II. Other ingredients such as dried fruits (e.g. mango, pineapple, coconut) are sourced from local suppliers e.g. HPW Fresh and Dry Limited.

Mi-Cocoa has developed the recipes for its products and outsources production with rising demand. Our Cocoa cosmetic range is produced in collaboration with Ele Agbe Company Ltd and we collaborate with Volta Winery to promote their Cocoa wine .


Premium Quality Cacao Nibs

Premium quality cacao nibs are single sourced from our farms in Owurem, Mangoase, Adenya and Amamprobi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. We undertake quality fermentation with a natural sun-dried process which maintains all the goodness and health benefits of cacao plus all all the richness associated with the aroma of cacao from Ghana.

Cacao Nibs Fruit Booster

A unique snack which mixes cacao nibs with mango, pineapple and coconut for those who have said bye bye to added sugar. It can be added to salads, yoghurt, smoothies and other breakfast options. A real mood lifter!


Cacao Crunch

Our Cacao Crunch is full of goodness and loaded with 100% Cacao including Cacao Butter in its natural form. Cacao Crunch currently comes in three flavors with minimal processing. You get the full benefits of all the ingredients in their natural state. These products age exceptionally well like vintage wine.

  1. Cacao Crunch contains 100% Cacao, vanilla-flavoured with sugar for binding and sweetening.
  2. Cacao Coconut Crunch contains 100% natural cacao and coconut that is vanilla-flavoured with sugar for binding and sweetening. The recipe is based on the well-known local Ghanaian snack called “Kube Kake”.
  3. Cacao Peanut Crunch contains 100% natural cacao and peanuts that is vanilla-flavoured with sugar for binding and sweetening. The recipe is based on the well-known local Ghanaian snack called “Nkate Kake”.


A completely new cocoa-inspired luxury product made from the husk of the cocoa bean and offering an enticing alternative to Pot-Pourri. The husk, once removed from the fermented and dried bean, exudes the distinctive and deeply rich aroma of chocolate.


Cacao Dates

Cacao nibs plus dates with cinnamon. An excellent super food, energy packed for those with an active lifestyle.

No added sugar and therefore perfect for diabetics with a sweet tooth.

Cacao Body Butter

Our skin is the first reflection of ourselves. Ohene Cocoa’s bountiful natural cacao that we grow ourselves gives us the unique privilege of being able to make excellent quality body butter.This product simply makes your skin glow.


Cacao Soap

Pure class, pure luxury and a truly excellent soap. We are able to use truly natural cocoa without holding back on anything.

Gift Sets and Hampers

Gift Sets and Hampers made exclusively with Cocoa  for festive occasions and celebrations like Christmas, Chocolate (Valentine’s Day), Mother’s Day, birthdays etc. We offer a wide range of authentic Ghanaian Cocoa products from confectionery through to cosmetics.

We are the true Cocoa Connoisseurs.

We have a wide selection to choose from and a price range for everyone.



We offer guided tours and visits to our Cocoa farms to see to experience our processes right from the onset. Read more here

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