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MI-COCOA, Owners of Ohene Cocoa Brand


Mi-Cocoa (MC) is a start-up agribusiness founded by Nana Aduna II (Dr. Yao Mfodwo) in May 2018 on the back of 15 years of active traditional cocoa farming.

Mi-Cocoa has recognized that there is a huge untapped opportunity in Ghana to enhance and market the entire cocoa processing experience as is done in places like Grenada and Sao Tome. Cocoa beans used for chocolate and other cocoa products are also being traced by discerning customers to their original source like wine is traced to particular vineyards.

Nana Aduna currently has almost 70 acres of cocoa at various stages of growth under cultivation. In the relatively short time that they have been on the market, Mi-Cocoa products have generated wide interest in both the local and international markets (Ghana – Wild Gecko, Simply Healthy, Ghana EXIM Bank, COCOBOD, Chocoluv ; UK – Dapaah Chocolates).


Due to the background of the primary founder as a traditional chief, the founders decided to adopt the brand name of Ohene Cocoa since Ohene means Chief in the Akan language of Ghana. This was with a view to restoring some of the traditional heritage associated with cocoa farming in Ghana.

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